QLD Roads are built and designed around this rule.

People from other states are claiming that 'pull over and let traffic pass when safe' is not something that is easily done. Those people have not driven on QLD Highways. Every Major single-lane QLD Road has multiple areas for drivers to pull over. Here are some examples taken from Google Streetview, of random sections of road in QLD.

All of those images, taken at random show areas that are safe to pull over to let banked up traffic behind you pass safely. But even if you don't think those random areas are safe to pull over, another one will be along in a few KM, where you can pull over safely.

Why exactly 80kph?

It's not exactly 80kph. No specific speed is mentioned. That is simply an example. More information is on the Laws page.

People already have to keep left!

That's correct. You're thinking of Section 130 of the Australian Road rules, aka "Keep Left Unless Overtaking". That's totally different. You can read about this in the Australian Unified Road Rules - March 2018 document.

Why isn't this enforced?

It is! That's the point of this website - to increase knowledge of this QLD road rule, so you don't get a ticket, because you didn't know! But it's just common courtesy, anyway. You shouldn't need the threat of enforcement and penalties to be courteous on the road!